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This is a very special blog post today… want to know whyyyyy…Image result for suprise


This post is SO overdue and I’m so happy the day has finally arrived so I can not wait to get into thissss ALSO this is the first collab post with David but not the last 😉 look out guyssss haha!

Happiness is something I love to promote on my blog as you guys are aware and it’s such a lovely feeling to be happy and content so in celebration of happiness me and David are going to share out top tips to inspire happiness out of an average normal day… no extra luxuries or anything extra but just everyday happiness- which is something I want everyone to experience everyday!! So please make sure you check out David’s post because we will each be sharing 5 tips each.

We all have them days where we just don’t feel good for no particular reason but everyday can be a good day if you think about it and you can turn your day around!

We aren’t on this world forever so why waste a day of your precious life being sad, instead we should try our hardest to find happiness and not wait for it to find us because that could take forever or never… we need to find it ourselves and that’s a true fact… moping and feeling sorry for yourself and complaining wont make happiness run to you any faster but it will make you feel depressed and negative AND WE DONT WANT THAT!! Positivity is key for a healthy life mentally 🙂 ❤Image result for happiness images

So here are my 5 top tips for inspiring BASIC happiness on an average day….

  1. Think of happy moments- THROW IT BACK!! You may not being feeling the happiest at the moment but by remembering funny and happy moments you’ve had in the past will make you smile to yourself and remind you that you’re going to have more happy moments in the future and hopefully that will cheer you uppp!! I recommend watching videos and looking through pics to ignite your happy memories again in your mind!!!Image result for throwback
  2. Call Nature- This seems like something pointless and you may be wondering ‘hows sitting by a bunch of plants and animals going to make me happy’ but IT REALLY DOES!! Just grab a friend or even yourself if you want a real calm moment and just go for a walk somewhere like a park or if you have pets go give them some LOVE! like play with them… taking your dog out for a walk will calm your mind and as a result you’d feel so much happier! One your journey to places just stop and take a deep breath and take in natures goodness and you’ll feel relaxed and happy!Image result for happiness images
  3. Think of all the things YOU HAVE and how actually lucky you are- You might not feel lucky, you may be feeling like the most terrible person on the entire planet… but always ask yourself AM I REALLY?? Remember how lucky you are to have people who care for you, for food on your table, all the things we tend to take for granted and for the fact we are alive and healthy… this realisation will definitely make you start feeling more lively and ready to get happy!! Life’s too short to hold grudges and be sad.Image result for thank you
  4. Smile at someone- Just give it a go… because the best feeling ever is when someone smiles at you because out of instinct you just smile back.. and it’s nice to smile. You’ll probably remember someone you’d want to be making happy too and everything will sort out from there and you’ll no longer be frowning.Image result for smiling
  5. MUSIC- music changes ones emotion so fast like sad music makes us feel sad soooooo… LISTEN TO HAPPY SONGS or songs that you associate with something that makes you happy… maybe you listened to a certain song on vacation and you were really happy on vacation so listening to that song would recall memories for you and you’ll feel HAPPYYY!!Image result for music makes me happy quotes

and those are my TOP 5 tips to inspire happiness… I have loads but if I had to NARROW THEM DOWN.. these are my go to things I do to make myself feel good!

Hope you enjoyed and found these ideas useful and make sure to check out David’s 5 tips too ❤

Love from


ps.. to find out chapes tips on happiness check out his post

My top tips to inspire happiness w/ The all of it blog

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